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BTS with Professional Documentation or WhyBuy Professional Documentation is where our core team works directly with brands to produce cinematic quality and professional storytelling. WhyBuyPD is hands-on and designed to bring custom creative and client ideas to life.

We work with local clients in the Edmonton and Calgary areas because we feel it is important to get acquainted and thoroughly understand our clients vision. Every WhyBuyPD project has been planned, directed, and edited by our Creative Director Mikhail Sorokin.

Join us behind the scenes and learn more about our video production process. Enjoy quick montages, client testimonials, and even a few ads we've produced for the WhyBuy Professional Documentation brand.

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Testimonials and more

What are our customers saying about us? How do we do what we do?

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Testimonial - Lisa Davies

Testimonial - Plastics Plus

Testimonial - Forward Physio

Something special

Give that sensation

New way of doing things

Crank it - 30 sec ad

Slow motion - 30 sec ad

Our advantage - 60 sec ad

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