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WhyBuy Publishing or WhyBuy Publishing is a division that specializes in quality-controlled consumer reviews. We are a third party publisher that helps customers get on camera and share their buying story. WhyBuy develops relationships between videographers and real customers to create genuine product reviews that explore the customers background, buying story, product features, application of product and the customers favorite thing about the product.

It's the product review show that features real buyers! Educational, entertaining, and authentic. Filmed and edited professionally, our show always features a unique buying story that speaks to the target audience because the host is someone they can relate to

  • Real buyers
  • Genuine stories
  • Positive sentiment

We are a unique and first of it's kind service that helps more people get involved and get on camera. Interested in seeing your customers on WhyBuy?

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Third party publisher

Buyers prefer word of mouth advice that is separated from the brand. As a third party, WhyBuy represents real people and authentic buying advice viewers can trust and relate to

Community involvement

We film with the general public and we have a community of local videographers to help. Not only will your contributions bring spotlight to a unique customer, it will also help us compensate everyone for their time in producing the episode

Multi-channel distribution

YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, IGTV. Our show is free and accessible. We produce blog write ups, photo posts, and short video reels to drive awareness to each episode

Search based audience

99% of our viewership is driven by search results (i.e customers looking for a specific product) and on over 72 episodes to date, we've achieved high ranking on relevant keyword search terms and a viewer retention of over 50% watch time

Media Buys For Advertisers

Prioritization, exclusivity, distribution, amplification, and more

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